Thursday, July 5, 2012

Who Should Doo Groo?

Get your minds out of the gutter, little boys. I don't mean it that way.

Earlier today, in this post, Dr. Joe T. was giving his evaluation of the various voice actors who were chosen for roles in DuckTales and the DC Animated properties. He then threw out the question, "Who should voice Groo?" Groo, of course, being Groo the Wanderer, the long-running Medieval comic-book creation of Sergio Aragones.

For my part, I suggested Frank Welker. Then, I insisted that it shouldn't be his Bubba voice, but it should incorporate elements of that voice.

Now, Groo is, of course, a Barbarian, not a caveman, so I'm not sure my choice is correct. He just seems like a character Welker would voice. 

Plus, I'm going with the obvious choice.

As you know, my blog has 20 million listeners...uh, uh, I mean...somewhere in the area of 1 reader and 7.024 billion readers each week. To be fair, I'm probably that one reader, so we'll up the ante and say between 2 readers and 7.024 billion readers each week, possibly each day, but I don't want to overinflate my numbers.

So, I would like to throw Joe's question out to you, my faithful hordes.

Who should voice Groo, should the impossible happen and he be converted into an animated cartoon?

Please don't stuff the ballot boxes, and please don't use your dead relatives (that Groo has killed in battle) to vote... 

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  1. I’d imagine the most likely thing to do would be, as you say, to throw it to Frank Welker. He’d come up with something that worked. Is there anything he can’t do?

    I’d imagine Groo as a cross between “Patrick” on SpongeBob and “Oodles” (of “the Brow and Oodles”) from UPA’s animated Dick Tracy. A little more “with-it” than Patrick… a STONE TOOL would be more “with-it” than Patrick, but never fully aware of things, outside of a fray!

    To digress on “perfect voices”, wasn’t Everett Sloane (who did everything from “Citizen Kane”, to a startlingly great turn on “Bonanza” as a greedy sheepherder, to “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” – that is SOME RANGE!) a great Dick Tracy. Too bad the series didn’t center on him with that voice.

    Now, Groo's loyal dog Rufferto, would be a hoot and a half to voice. Since he only THINKS, rather than speaks, in the great tradition of dogs like Pluto and Snoopy, give him a very incongruous (“incon-GROO-ous?”) voice. Something very sophisticated like “Ronald Coleman” as a counterpoint to Groo!